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starts right now. >> this is wjz tv, wjzhd and, baltimore. >> announcer: from the cities, to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage, it's wjz. maryland's news station. spreading scandal. more public figures caught up in the phone hacking crisis, the new twists and the deaths that could be connected to the case. hi, i'm kai jackson -- >> i'm marry sue balance a. here is what people are talking about. >> we're following news in the british phone hacking scandal. a key figure found dead. >> the reporter who blew the whistle on alleged phone hacking at the news of the world has been found dead in his home in england. police say shawn hore's death does not appear to be suspicious. it comes on the same day as
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senior london police officer resigned. assistant commissioner john yates decided not to reopen an investigation two years ago into allegations the paper was tapping phones. >> i have acted with complete integrity and maicon sense is clear. >> his regular ignition comes on the comes on the heels of the police chief stepping down. they have called an emergency session of parliament to deal with it. he has cut his south africa trip short to make sure it will be fair. >> the investigation must go wherever the evidence leads, they should investigate without fear or favor. >> rupert murdoch, his son james, and murdoch's former ceo will likely faiths punishing questions from lawmakers when they appear before parliament tuesday. brooks was arrested over the weekend and released on bail.
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she spent hours anting questions about what she knew about hacking while she was in charge. >> she is not guilty of any criminal offense. >> reporter: police have arrested at least 10 people in connection with the investigation but no one has been charged with any crime yet. in london, tina krause, wjz "eyewitness news." a police inspector will investigate possible corruption within the department now that there are allegations to other senior officers may also be involved. a wild chase ends at arundel mills mall and sends a baltimore city police officer to hospital. he was chasing a suspect down the parkway. the other driver stride to ram the officer's car and he swerved and got out of in the grassy median. he got out have the car and tried to run through the mall. the officer is going to be okay. two former members of the ehrlich campaign faced a judge this morning. prosecutors say they broke election laud by trying to sue
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press the african-american vote. mike hellgren reports from mitchell courthouse. >> reporter: yule just hansen faces 21 years in prison, he was not shy when he left this courtroom today. >> reporter: was there in any way an effort to discredit africa american voters? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: julius hansen spoke first to wjz minutes after pleading not guilty to violating election law during his work on bob ehrlich's campaign to unseat governor martin o'malley. robo calls wept out hours before the polls closed. they were intended to stop african-american voters to vote. >> i'm calling to let everyone know governor o'malley and president obama has been successful. we're okay, relax, everything is fine. the only thing left is to watch it on tv tonight. >> this is something by them carding oh ma'am lee just to punish people who disagree with what goes on in the democratic party.
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>> paul sher lick, who also worked on the campaign, is charged in the case. his wife and daughter joined him at the arraignment where dwayne pet particular defended him. >> he is the type of person i'm confident would not be involved in this, i'm confident from the evidence that i have reviewed that he is not and therefore i'm very comfortable in taking this case and defending a person i believe to be absolutely innocent. >> reporter: 112,000 calls went out to voters, no charge has made against ehrlich. >> nothing in that call was not true. both sher rick and hansen requested jury trials. >> reporter: the date hags been set for september 22nd, mike hellgren,wjz "eyewitness news." >> those went out to baltimore city and prince george's county. we'll have much more from henson's new interview on wjz at 5 and 6:00. the mercury is climbing in maryland and it really feels like the dog days of summer right now.
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step outside for just a minute and you know how hot it is. people are doing anything they can to include putting sunglasses on a dog. from a dip in the pool to an ice cold snowball, any kind of relief from the scorching temperatures. if you think it's hot now, just wait, because it's only going to get warmer. heatologist bernadette woods is here. i could use a snowball bernie. >> we could always use a snowball whether it's hot or not. right? this is where we are going temperature-wise. starting to warm it up today, definitely heating it up. but it's not what is coming later in the week. a lot of 90s across the map. the dewpoints are in the mid- 60, when you factor that in, it makes it a couple degrees higher, we're in the upper 90s for most of us right now. but all of these are going up the second half of the week. i want to show you first warning doppler radar before we get to that, at this point it is clear but there is a cold front coming our way and this cold front is sort of keeping the midwest heat at bay at least for now, but after this
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clears us, with the shower and thunderstorms, that heat is really going to crank. we'll have more on that in a few moments kai. >> thank you bernadette. we aren't the only ones sweating it out. most of the states in the midwest, 17 states are sidsling with triple digit temperatures. it's the worst heat wave to hit the country in years and people are doing anything they can to stay cool with the skyrocketing temperatures. we'll have more on the extreme heat coming up at 4:30. do you remember where you were 10 years ago today? smoke filled parts of downtown after a train derailed on the howard street tunnel. the scene is hard to forget, thick black smoke poured poured of after the train hauling dangerous chemicals derailed. it ignited. they went through a drill to make sure an accident like this can be avoided and they say there are plenty of lessons learned from the disaster.
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>> we have learned what not to do, we have learned who needs to be at the table in order for us to get it right, we have learned an open communication and commitment to the relationship is what is going to keep the public safe. >>csx eventually paid the city $2 million to settle a lawsuit but they did not admit doing anything wrong. it would cost more than $1 billion to replace the howard street tunnel. deadly hit and run. anne arundel county police need your help to find a driver who hit a bicyclist and left him to die. megan is in the newsroom. >> reporter: they just released a description of the car that hit alex hernandez, they say the black hup day sonata like this one probably has damage to the front passenger side, hood, head light, windshield and mirror. hernandez was crossing richie highway at bon air avenue on his bike last thursday when the car hit him. he died at the hospital after the accident. the driver stopped, got out of
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her car and then took off. police think she may be a black woman who was wearing pink medical 'scrubbs'. kai? >> megan, thank you. welcome to wjz. >> thanks so much. >> if you have any information about the accident give anne arundel county police a call. a major make-over for the bay bridge, if you drove across the bridge you probably saw crews setting up to paint the westbound part of the bridge. it's the first major painting on that side of the bridge insurance is it opened 40 years ago. the good news, painters will do most of their work from barges so it should not affect traffic too much. let's check on the roads with kristi breast lynn at traffic control. kristi? >> reporter: high kai. hi everyone. we start off this afternoon with an accident on the west side of the outer loop. the delay already back to edmonton avenue. at least 15 minutes to get bye. 10 minutes on the inside winter loop, over to liberty road, on the north side of the inner loop, 10 minutes to providence.
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average speed in that direction about 45 miles per hour. plenty to have accidents, righters town road at old court road. east at baltimore, south president. also north polaski at west lengthsing on the, you can see traffic still beginning to build there, 97 at route 100, we'll take another live look. things beginning to thin out there on the west side at liberty road. this travel report is brought to you by hhgreg. they are the largest growing electronics and appliances company in america. stop by and see the lowest prices, and smartest associates, only at hhgreg, we help. >> wjz viewers step up to the plate in a very big way. >> and the maryland food bank is the real winner here. >> orioles fans donated 4600 pounds of food at the wjz and masn orioles food drive. >> that was more than we collected last year. it was great to see money donate to go a good cause. >> we're a proud sponsor of the
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food drive. to say my bucket was very quiet on saturday. >> was it? >> a lot of paper in it. >> i know. that's good. that's what's changed this year. you know what i was saying? cleveland cash is good for us too. they were good for us. >> i complimented the cleveland fans because they were incredibly generous and i wanted them to know that even though we wanted to run them in the ground on the diamond, we wanted them to donate. >> and we did. >> we did, yes. a role reversal at the airport. >> nothing really surprises me i guess, so -- >> i'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner -- >> the airport attack that everyone is talking about. the big trouble a passenger is in for turning the tables on the tsa. >> the legal problems casey anthony is facing. terrifying end to a concert. see the frightening moments as this stage turns into a pile of
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twisted metal. >> you think it's hot now? just wait. see how warm it will get this week. your sizzling first warning forecast still ahead with miss hot bernadette coming up. >> announcer: complete coverage continues with kai jackson, mary bubala, and first warning weather with bob turn and meteorologist bernadette woods and sports with mark viviano. it's wjz, maryland's news station. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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an elderly woman in fort worth, texas, gets an unexpected wake-up call. a truck came crashing through the front of her home while she was fast asleep. luckily the woman's room is in the back of the house. she wasn't hurt. police are still trying to find the driver. a cheap tricks concert, they were playing at a festival in canada. 10 people were treated for minor injuries, the band's driver was rushed to the hospital in serious condition but according to manager is expected to be okay. a role reversal at the
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airport. a passenger in the airport ends up giving an tsa agent an unexpected pat-down. the unusual security showdown. >> reporter: it's the terminal 4 twist making headlines across the country. >> hoe. >> ouch. >> 61-year-old you carry you my way of colorado is in jail after she refused security screening and then in defiance grabbed a tsa agent's breasts in both hands and gave a twist. >> you surprised someone did that to a tsa. >> i don't know. nothing really surprises me i guess. >> i'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner. >> reporter: in the age of body scans and 359-downs passengers disgust with security measures seems to be at an all-time high. >> i think they complain or curse. >> but this is the first time they turned the tables and gave the tsa a pat down of their own. >> i think that's a little extreme. >> i think they should have
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been rude to her. >> reporter: she is facing 1 count of felony sex abuse, proving no matter how irritated you might be, when it comes to airport security it's probably best to keep your hands to yourself. >> especially when it comes to airport stuff, nowadays we have to be pretty responsible for our actions. >> the woman will be back in court next month. she is allowed to fly to do her job as a translator. a rough start to the weekend wall street. [ bell ] >> concerns about debt issues in u.s. and europe dragged the market down, it is down, nasdaq down 25. let's go to new york right now where we have tonight's cbs money watch update. >> reporter: do you was down today, europe's banking problems and whether to raise the debt ceiling in the united states drove the stock market lower. they say it needs to be raised by august 2nd or it risks defaulting. traders are keeping an eye on the negotiations in washington.
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energy prices are also lower today. oil slipped to about $95 a barrel, a looming deadline for the u.s. to raise its debt ceiling and signs of financial stress in europe gave way to lower energy prices. last week, 8 out of 90 european banks flunked stress tests to see how they would fare in another recession. 16 others barely passd. if you're thinking of buying a compact car you may want to wait a little longer, prices of fuel-efficient vehicles are expected to come down after setting a record high this year, that's because lower gas prices are expected to drive down demand. honda and toyota will be ramping up production of small vehicles. confidence among home builders was up in june after a 9-month low. the national association of home builders, wells fargo, sentiment rose last month indicating a less pessimistic view of home sales. the index is still low. they are hesitant to start new projects given the excess inventory of stressed properties in the mark.
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for more cbs money watch from the new york stock exchange, nina if a raying. moguls by the millions made the wizards their choice. it shattered movie records, they report thousands of fans in baltimore were part of the astounding box office bonanza. >> we want harry. >> reporter: harry potter put a record-breaking spell over the box office this weekend hauling in $168.5 million, the biggest opening weekend in movie history. [ fans yelling ] >> reporter: they lined up, big crowds at landmark theaters in harbor east where fiona macintosh and daughter kara told me they are just wild about harry. >> i think that, like, the stories are so cool and, well, it's just, it's fun. >> reporter: fiona is originally from scotland. >> and there's even a railroad, a harry potter railroad in
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scotland, now, where you can do a tour on the train, so it's cool. >> reporter: this is the 8th and final film in the harry potter franchise. >> well it's the end of my childhood. that's how i think about it. >> i started reading the book when i was in 2nd grade so this is really like my whole childhood coming to an end. >> reporter: the box office take is simply staggering. $476 million in ticket sales over the weekend around the world. >> it's very adventurous and exciting and, like, i think that it's so cool how they can actually do all the magic. >> reporter: box office magic for the ages. ron max, wjz, "eyewitness news." harry potter:death lee hallows part ii took in more than $40 million in special mid night screenings. it made more than $92 million on friday alone, the biggest single-day take in movie history. >> i'm glad to know i contributed to that with my
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family. >> the vigils will be really nice with the production effect, huh. >> absolutely. it's a great movie though, and baltimore has got it. >> uh-huh. >> coming up on wjz's "eyewitness news" at 4:00. under attack, a politician is targeted in his own home. >> i think everybody is a little you know shocked by the situation, things like this don't happen here. >> how the congressman turned into a crime fighter and the brave act that scared the robber away. and the controversy, the lesson this doll is teaching young girls that is upsetting many parents. >> the air conditions ners will be working overtime when the first heat wave arrives. >> wjz13 is always on for click ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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now, first warning weather, a forecast and a look at the first warning weather. >> we're starting to see the haze grow back into the city as the heat and the humidity start to step it up. they are a bit higher than they
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were over the weekend, we have more coming the second half of the week and another wave of it. first we'll deal with the first round. we're sitting at 94 degrees rights now, the temperatures around the region is in the 90s, 79 out in the mountains, 96 in the city. when you factor in the dewpoints which starts to climb it does make it feel a little hotter out there, 99 in d.c. and east and 97 here in baltimore. the winds are out of the southwest and all of this, there is a code orange air quality alert in effect for today. this is likely going to be assembledded and even upped to a code red by the end of the week because of what's moving in our direction. and this is what we're talking about. 99 in dallas right now, 97 degrees in minneapolis. this has just been baking a lot of the country. that got into the 1 teens yesterday in phoenix. that's the kind of air that is moving in our direction. now we start to step it up tomorrow but, really, it's the second half of the week that it yanks for us at least, and it's
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being held up a little bit because of this cold front right in merely. that is going to come through tonight in the tomorrow. we could see a shower or thunderstorm with it as it passes by. then after that gets out of here on wednesday that's when we're going to see all of the heat behind it really flooding into the mid-atlantic. another thing to take note of too, with this front coming through, we're going to discuss that in just a moment, but tropical storm glen is now born off the coast of florida and this front is going to protect the east coast, keeping it away from land, and eventually kicking it way out to sea. now once that front gets through here, as we said, that's when we're really going to start to see the numbers going up. as far as records, here is the latest on the tropical storm. it is spinning just off the florida coast. a tiny storm but gaining a little bit of strength. wind up to 52 miles per hour, but notice it makes a huge turn off to the east and races out to sea. that's because of that cold front coming down from the north. we'll be checking this also as we head through the next few days here. out on our waters, the winds
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turn around from the south to the west as that cold front comes through. pick up a little bit through the afternoon, but that front is coming through, then tomorrow again, a chance for a shower or thunderstorm. even with that front coming through we're still getting to the 90s, and it is going to be muggy outside. but it is after that that those numbers even go up a couple more degrees and the humidity is just going to stick in place. so, yes, it's summertime in baltimore, but not usually upper 90s. >> different places are the operative word. >> all right friends, thank you. be sure to watch cbs tonight at 10:00. tune in for an episode of hawaii 50, and then stick around for "eyewitness news" at 11 being. in hiding, casey anthony disappears after getting out of jail. [ chanting ] >> big obstacles anthony now faces that she is a free woman. >> with the deadline around the corner are lawmakers any closer
4:27 pm
to a debt deal? i'm danielle nottingham in washington, i'll have the story coming up. take a road trip. who you should let drive if you want to protect your kids on the road. "eyewitness news" at 4:,,,,,,,,,
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this is wjz tv, wjz hd, and -- >> from the cities to the counties to your neighborhoodment now it's complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> it is 4:30, 94 degrees and sunny in central maryland. hello everyone and thanks for staying with "eyewitness news." i'm vic carter. here is what people are talking about. back to work. lawmakers say they are ready to work through weekends until they reach a deal on the debt debate. danielle nottingham reports the two sides are still stuck in a stalemate. >> reporter: lawmakers say they are ready to, would through the
4:31 pm
weekend to get a deal on the debt. but, so far, there is no agreement on what that deal should be. house members are scheduled to vote tuesday on the gop agencies cut, cap, and balance plan, the tea party-backed proposal attaches spending cuts and a balanced budget to a debt ceiling increase. the white house says president obama will veto the plan, but cut, cap, and balance isn't likely to make it through the senate where democrats are in control. they want a deal that includes tax increases and $4 trillion in spending cuts. >> i ask what it will take to get my republican colleagues to wake up to the fact that they are playing a game of political chip-in with the entire global economy. >> reporter: republicans are standing their ground and refuse to accept any tax hikes. >> washington needs strong medicine to heal its spending addiction now. >> reporter: most of the negotiations are happening here on capitol hill but the president is deeply involved. he met with republican leaders
4:32 pm
sunday night at the white house. ideally, lawmakers need to reach an agreement by friday. the senate says it will meet every day until there is a deal. the republican senate leader mitch mcconnell and senate majority leader harry reid have yet another idea. they are said to be working on a plan to give the president the power to raise the debt ceiling without prior congressional approval but both parties say that's a last resort to prevent the first government default in u.s. history. danielle nottingham, wjz "eyewitness news." president obama has warned in lawmakers do not reach a deal social security payments may not be mild. a congressman from iowa jumps into action after a robber breaks in to his home. how the politician scared the robber away. kai? >> police say the intruder walked in the front door and physically assaulted congressman leonard boss walled's daughter. he then put a gun to her head
4:33 pm
and demanded money. boswell's chief of staff said the 77-year-old rushed into the room and tried to knock the gun out of his hands. >> congressman just sort of did what anybody would do if he knew his family was in trouble, he just tried to jump right in the situation and help his daughter in any way, shape, or form. >> the robber fled after boswell's grandson grabbed a shotgun and aimed it in his face. vic, kai, thank you. no one was seriously injured. police are still looking for the intruder. >> extreme heat. right now the midwest is sweating it out in a heat wave. manuel gallegus reports to wjment z there is no end in sight to the brutal summer temperatures. >> reporter: from the northeast to the plains to the south, americans are sweltering and doing whatever they can to deep cool. if your job is undertake 0 side you get creative.
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>> i got my ration soaked in some cold water with my head just trying to stay cool out here, it's hot. >> reporter: more than 40 states will be sizzling in the 90s or above again this week. >> take in to account the humidity, feels like the mid to upper 90s, up and up we will go. >> in oklahoma it's the 28th day above 10 degrees. at a theme park in omaha, they are tossing ice in the pool to keep swimmers from melting. and in iowa, firefighters say the heat was enough to cause wood-stain stored in a family's garage to spontaneously combust. it's already hot here in the northeast and it's about to get even hotter. the stifling heat wave over the middle of the country is now headed this way. and, in many states, the he is more than just uncomfortable. a third of the u.s. is struggling with drought. the last 5 months have been the driest on record in texas. crops, cattle and the local economies are suffering. many ranchers can't grow enough eh to feed their animals. >> we're in survival mode. we're just trying to survive and do the best we can until conditions get better. >> reporter: as the week goes on, forecasters say more records will probably be broken and we won't know the full
4:35 pm
severity of summer until it's over. manuel gallegus, wz "eyewitness news." first morning weather coverage continues with bob turk. he is updating temperatures. >> the weekend was really delight faculty. it was warm but the air was still dry, low dewpoints, that has changed already and temperatures this afternoon are higher than they have been the last few days, but the dewpoint is also in the mid-60, when you combine the 94 and 65 dewpoint, how cool is that, 79. but when you combine that dewpoint with the temperature, 94, it makes it feel like 97 and looks like the actual temperatures later this week will probably get up to at least 97, might even go to 100 degrees, vic, later this week. we'll have more on that in just a few minutes. >> okay bob, thank you. casey anthony is a free woman but as karen brown
4:36 pm
reports to wjz only a few people nowhere she is and what she plans to do next. >> reporter: casey anthony may be free, but she walked out of the orange county jail confined to a life of infamy [ chanting ] >> reporter: despite the protestors gathered for sunday's release, still angry, the 25-year-old was acquitted of murdering her daughter caylee, an elated anthony stepped into a suv relishing her new freedom. they i lewded news helicopters by pulling into a parking structure. they say anthony's parents don't even nowhere she is. after the anthonys contacted casey's attorney, josi baez, his only response was a text. "casey is safe," they haven't spoken since 2008 but, now, they do want to talk with their daughter. >> regardless of everything else that happened in the trial it's still their daughter. >> experts in high profile security believe anthony is a
4:37 pm
target with only $537 of jailhouse money in her pocket, she would have to find a way to pay for private security. which can cost up to $2,400 a day. >> fame is a thing to be managed, it's a thing could be controlled, and security is a part of it. >> reporter: lucrative offers could help buddy motionnally anthony is a mess. >> she is gonna need a period of solitude, of prayer, of quiet reflection. >> reporter: but it may be difficult for anthony to even find empathy. especially amongst the people who marchched in honor of caylee on the same day her mom was set free. karen brown, wjz "eyewitness news." casey anthony still faces legal problems. a group that helped search for caylee is suing her for more than $100,000 and the prosecutors also looking to recoup the cost of their investigation. they are still trying to determine what caused a deadly bus accident in upstate new york. the bus swerved off the road
4:38 pm
and crashed in the woods on sunday killing two people and injuring several others, they think a flat tire may have caused the accident. police are looking into the death of pharmaceutical tycoon, jonah shack analysis's 6-year- old son, mary bubala is live with more. >> he fell down the staircase at his father's manages a week ago. he died from the injuries a week ago. his girlfriend was found hanging from a balcony, bound at the same manages two days after the boy fell. police say the two deaths are not connected but neighbors aren't sure what to think about the incidents. >> it's just a surprise, absolutely, it's -- we think of yourselves as the sleepy little town, you know, like pleasantville, so it's quite a shock. >> he released a statement thanking the community for the support following the tragedy. vic? >> investigators still haven't determined whether shack neigh's girlfriend was murdered or if she committed suicide. let's check in on the
4:39 pm
roads, where kris thee checks into traffic control. high kristi. >> hi vic. we're still watching that accident on the west side of the loop, the delay solid now back to security boulevard. you'll also see some delays on the west side inner loop as you pass wilkins avenue. average speed 40 miles per hour. over on the north side of the loop, another crash we're watching at pairing parkway. northbound 95 heavy there from route 32 to 175. as far as accidents go, in reisterstown, philadelphia road as felling avenue in the rosedale area and in baltimore city east baltimore at south president street. let's now take a live look. you can see a lot of congestion there. that's on the west side at liberty road. another live look also at frederick road. this traffic report is brought to you by the maryland science center, stop in for the summer of irresponsible science, non- stop sites, planned experiments all day long every day only at the maryland science center. >> your children could be safer
4:40 pm
when a grandparent is behind the wheel. a new study looked at accident data from the past four years, researchers found that only about 1 in every 15 children were hurd in crashes where grandparents were driving. that's about half as many injuries as children in cars with parents. the study did say that children driven by grandparents are less likely to be properly restrained. we have a sad story this evening, former wjz reporter kellye saunders has died of cancer, kellye worked here back in the late 1980s and early 90s, transitioned to tv after being a popular d.j. at wbl and iyy. perhaps her greatest claim to fame was when she filled in during stadium announcements for an orioles game. she was the first woman in the nation to do this pr job at a major baseball game leading the way for others who followed. kellye was 62 years old when she died. we will miss her very much. straight ahead on wjz's
4:41 pm
"eyewitness news" at 4:00, is google ruining your brain. how the internet is changing the brain. the women come up short. they earn a spot in the record books. and here comes the heat wave. it's going to be a hot july week in maryland. how warm it will get in your first warning weather forecast. complete coverage continues with denise koch, vic carter and first warning weather with bob turk and meteorologist bernadette woods, and sports with mark viviano. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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even know what's going to happen. >> how her struggle is changing the nfl. tonight it's wjz. >> developing news right now in baltimore. the fire chief just suspended the city's email ms training program because of a cheating scandal. several recruits were caught with confidential test materials before they took the exam. all of the recruits who took the test on june 14th will have to take it again. wjz is work on this story and will have more in a live report coming up. in india floodwater swept a family off their feet and over a water fall. they were having a picnic on rocks before the river quickly
4:45 pm
overflowed. the waters force was simply too powerful. they clunk to one another but were care road away. sadly, only 2 survived. always together, prom, graduation, and now joining the army. quadruplets are enlisting in the united states army national guard tomorrow. megy ma cork will has more on the inseparable foursome. >> erin, stephanie, brandon and william are excited to serve their country. this weekend their parents threw a party to celebrate before the sinlings began their military training. the it's are a little apprehensive about leaving home, especially in parting from their mom for the very first time. >> i'm so close to all four so it's harder, it's just hard. it's hard are for me to see them leave the house. >> leaving my family. >> i'm actually really sad she is leaving. >> i'll miss her. i won't see her more 9 months. >> it's certainly a very
4:46 pm
bittersweet departure for those pennsylvania teenagers, vic? >> each sibling will receive $15,000 each year for college expenses in exchange for their six-year military commitment. the women's world cup final had fans on the edge of their seats and their computer chairs according to twitter. a record-breaking number of tweets were sent during the game. the match between japan and the u.s. set the record at more than 7,000 tweets per second. it beat out the royal wedding and the death of osama bin laden. japan won it in a shootout. when you need to answer a question chances are you look it up on the internet. however a, a new study suggests that the instant results we get from search engines is affecting how we remember just about everything. chris raggy reports to wzz on the memory problems caused by the internet. >> reporter: from people to places to almost anything, chances are if you need an answer, it's at your fingertips. >> i go to google a lot. >> google. >> first place i go, google. >> reporter: researchers at columbia university are calling this the google effect.
4:47 pm
where people immediately turn to their computers or smart phones when confronted by something they don't know. so is the internet actually dumbing us down? >> it is making people like laysier i guess or, i mean, like instead of just learning, we have to look something up, boom you got the answer. >> reporter: we're more likely to remember where to find the information online than the fact it. >> and i think that people have the thought that, if they can go back to the internet and find the answer later instead of accessing what you know, you sometimes rely on the computer as your external hard drive rather than really sort of accessing your own memory. >> there is a lot of information out there, you tend to forget the useless parts of it, i mean that's cool, right, you don't want to have it cluttering your brain. >> reporter: the fear than technology will destroy human intea leicht isn't new. over 2500 years ago the philosopher sock ra tease worried writing would weaken memories and awaken forgetfulness in the souls.
4:48 pm
doctors say it's fine to use the internet for help but nothing will replace the best tool at your disposal, your brain. >> it is important to use the internet for information but for that to be not be the only source of information you have. >> reporter: researchers say endless information may indeed be making us smarter but the question is will we remember it. science at your fingertips like google are useful tools as references. but people rely on them too much for simple questions is debatable. dolls teach little girls to take care of life-like babies but parents say one company has crossed the boundary. this is the new breast milk baby doll teaching these girls how to breast feed. it comes with a special halter top with flower nipples for the child to wear, and when they hold the doll it makes a sucking noise. the company says it has an educational purpose. mike steinmetz has a sneak peek on what's next to come on
4:49 pm
entertainment tonight. >> many coulding up on entertainment tonight. julian a margot lease caught in a love triangle. will she stay with her husband or leave him for her boss. as they head back to the set we're uncovering new secrets. >> now do you want to know that. >> season 2 ended with a long- awaited kiss and a hotel room. the scene that sent hearts aflut. >> the tv ending setup nicely this season we're about to begin. >> where does that leave fans of team peter. >> the first episode won't disappoint. that episode called the next date picks up right where the finale leaves off. it premieres september 25th on cbs with a brand new time slot. it is now on sunday nights. >> it's a big night for tv. i'm really honored and for me personally, because i go it to do 6 episodes of "the sopranos," i feel like that 9:00 sunday night slot is a lucky slot.
4:50 pm
>> also tonight, jay low and mark anthony, the top 5 clues to the split, plus pictures from inside vanessa any nel oh and nick lachey's wedding. we'll have that and much more coming up on entertainment tonight. >> you can see centertainment tonight here on wjz. you'll certainly work up a sweat when you step outside. this is just a taste of the heat coming our way this week. bob has the scorching first weather forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,
4:51 pm
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is now on the dollar menu, so i'm smart enough for this. you're the best, too... sweet tea... pie? aww, chipmunk. [ male announcer ] sweet tea and the mcdonald's dollar menu. now the first warning of severe weather. >> a look outside. that's a place to be. >> that's exactly where i want to be. all week long into the weekend, vic. cool cool, some cool place, inside a library, inside a mall. later this week it looks like temperatures will -- may get to 100 degrees which means it will be the hottest couple days of the entire summer so far. looks like a bona fides heat wave headed our way. right now it's 94 but the dewpoint is in the mid-60s, so it's not add bad as it could
4:54 pm
be. humidity at 38%. southeastern monroe and northern west, winds at 8, barometer falling just a tad, 2992 and falling, oakland is only 79, later this week they are only getting to mid-to upper 80, 91 in cumberland, 94 here, the hot spots here, 86 ocean city, pretty pleasant down by the beach. locally upper 80s to the low 90s, we'll get a little warmer, a front is going to give us a little bit of relief tomorrow, maybe a couple thundershowers and rain tonight and tomorrow so tomorrow won't be probably as hot as today. a little more humid though. 94/71 today, 88 is our average high, it's going to stay that way for the next 10 days or so. 66 the average low, the record high 1012 back in 1887 and 58 in 1976. right now the southwest wind, keep that warm humid air into the region, the front to the north of us creating some thunderstorm activity across new york and pennsylvania right now. it has weakened considerably but there is still a little batch of thundershowers to the north, we might get one of
4:55 pm
these late tonight and during the day tomorrow, maybe a few in the region. it will be widely scattered. behind it the winds may go briefly to the north but right after that that front is going to completely dissipate and we'll get back into the heat that is hitting the midwest. going to come right over top of this high pressure and really heat us up for thursday, friday, saturday, in the to weekend temperatures from 95 to the upper 90s, to 100 in a couple spots, 5 to 10, a thundershower, daily temp. 80 degrees, so nice and pleasant in the water. tonight a muggy night, temperatures only in the low 70, maybe a shower late tonight and there may be a shower or thundershower tomorrow morning and again maybe in the afternoon, which will help temporarily, but eye it is going to be muggy again. 94, once again the average high now is 88 so all week long we're talking temperatures 25 to as much as 10 or 12 degrees above average. and on average, this is the warmest week of the year, and
4:56 pm
it's certainly going to be. so take it easy out there. >> will do. thanks bob. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight. >> 10 years since a train derailment crippled downtown baltimore. how first responders are ,,,,,,,
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
coming up next on wjz evening news at 5:00. cheating at the academy. bracing for heat, how much temperatures are climbing this week in the first warning weather forecast. >> was there any wae to try to discredit african american voters? >> absolutely not. henson on a political scandal that could put him
4:59 pm
behind bars. he's defending himself. i'm mike hellgren at the mitchell courthouse. major invasions on the bay bridge. how it will affect your plans. check in on all the day's breaking news. wjz news starts right now. hi i'm kai jackson. >> i'm mary bubala we're going to begin with some breaking news. >> tonight there are serious accusations surrounding the baltimore fire department. there's some the áf evidence that some recruits may have cheated on their tests. derek valcourt has more on those allegations, derrek. >> reporter: the state and the fire department itself says they are looking into whether some

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